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Stock Updates

The latest shipment from Hosco arrived Monday. Things are still not back to normal with suppliers/shipments, so I am getting smaller deliveries as and when products are available rather than one big order all at once. If you are not signed up to product notifications or following on instagram you may not have seen the […]


New Products

Well, one new one and a few new products being given the relic treatment.   New in are vintage spec Telecaster control plates. As Hosco stopped offering their plate for some reason I’ve had my supplier make these to Fender spec and 1.6mm thick. Just like the 2mm plates, these are the same length and […]


Hardware Roundup

It has been a busy week, but if you missed it, here are the OOS products now back in the store. Stainless steel saddles, Hipshot-style hardtail bridges, Wilkinson WVC and WVP6 tremolos Wilkinson WTB Telecaster bridges in Nickel, Thumbwheel Locking Tuners, Wilkinson EZ Lok tuners New item – 3 ply parchment Stratocaster pickguards. Fender Mex/USA […]