Progress On CITES Rosewood Regulations

According to this article an agreement has been reached which could see musical instruments exempted from the CITES II environmental safeguards.

Assuming the proposal is accepted it won’t become law until September 2019 and we probably won’t know the exact definitions of “finished musical instruments”, “finished musical instrument parts” and “finished musical instrument accessories” until the next CITES meeting in May 2019. However if current definitions are anything to go by, “finished” will mean the rosewood has been machined/worked to a final product ie not raw lumber or milled blanks, so guitar necks/bridges/pins etc should all be fine.

Reading between the lines I assume the harvesting/processing of rosewood will still require CITES certificates, but it takes a level of bureaucracy and therefore associated cost out of the equation for retailers and private sellers. (For example a rosewood shipment from Allparts to the UK requires the following: export certificate from Japan, import certificate to America, export certificate from America and import certificate for UK. Each step has an associated cost in time and money.)

Let’s hope it goes through!

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Hardware Shipments Round-up

A busy start to the week – 2 hardware shipments arrived yesterday/today.

The Gotoh shipment restocked Kluson style tuners, both aged and shiny along with CTS pots.

The miscellaneous hardware shipment replenished chrome Wilkinson Tele bridges, Alpha A250K pots and blank Telecaster control plates. Along with the nickel “G Arrow” knobs it also contained Stratocaster 62 spec pickguards in mint green. The same mint green as my Tele guards and a bang-on repro of Fender’s current mint green. The 62 spec has all bevelled screw holes, a truss rod scoop at the neck and the screw hole between the neck and middle pup centred. Check the second pic on the product page for a colour comparison with brilliant white.

There is one more new product but the pics I took are pretty naff so will try and get better ones tonight.

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New Hardware Shipment

A shipment arrived yesterday with a few new products on.

First up (and the only one I’ve photographed) G Arrow knobs in nickel. Full disclosure, I didn’t order these, the supplier made a mistake, but they look very classy so I may actually order the plain top version in nickel too.

More later.

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Hosco and Gotoh Special Orders

I am placing my order with Japan for my Christmas stock tomorrow, which should be here early December.

However if anyone has a special order they would like to add, get in touch as I can add to the order for the next couple of days.
Get in touch for a quote.

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Threaded Steel Telecaster Saddles Are Back In Stock


There is a story behind why these have been out of stock so long but I’ll just say that they are back in stock from today! I will have aged sets back on the site over the weekend too.

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Bank Holdiay Posting Times

Monday is the last Bank Holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland before Christmas so the usual holiday dispatch rules apply – orders received up to 1pm Friday will be dispatched as normal and orders received after that will dispatch Tuesday.

In order to receive your orders by Saturday make sure to order early and select an appropriate shipping service. All domestic neck orders as standard ship by Royal Mail Tracked 24, which while not a guaranteed timed service is in my experience very reliable. I would say unless you absolutely require guaranteed next day delivery there isn’t a benefit to upgrading to Parcelforce 24.


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So…what’s been going on?

Not much really. Hence the lack of posts/updates. Sorry!

A couple of new items that were due recently have been delayed a little…

The only real updates for now are the restocking of double wafer 5 way superswitches and upgrading the Wilkinson EZ-Lok tuners to the 19:1 ratio model, WJN-05. Same price as the previous version for the time being.

Finally I have one SRO-FAT that arrived last week. No idea when more will be available – I’m still investigating options for my future neck stocking policy.

That’s all for now!

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Hosco Rosewood Necks Are Back In Stock

Remember I said a shipment left Japan before the hardware shipment and was MIA? Well it arrived the following day. I’ll spare you the details of the delay but suffice to say I have instructed Hosco to not use TNT in future.

Vintage and modern versions of both Strat and Tele are now available. The vintage models (7.25 radius, biddy frets) are limited numbers, so grab them while you can.

Hosco rosewood Stratocaster neck

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Gotoh / Hosco Shipment Has Arrived

Second of the shipments from Japan that left Japan in the last two weeks (the first still hasn’t arrived but I’m crossing my fingers for some good news later today) includes a couple of new products.

First up is Gotoh’s relic vintage Telecaster bridge. I’ve included both the official Gotoh pic and one of my own as the ageing on the saddles in the Gotoh pic isn’t representative of the final product – they are more consistent and not rusty. The two pics on the site are the same bridge so you can see how the look can change depending on the angle.  The second new product will be up later today – I need to take photos and add it to the site.

Also in the shipment Hosco maple Telecaster necks with med/jumbo frets and Gotoh GTC202 Tele bridges.

I’ll have another update later today – must get on with packing orders!

Gotoh BS-TC1-AC relic Telecaster bridge - official photo

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New Batch Of Nitro Relic Bodies Has Arrived

The eagle eyed will have noticed some new items added to the store last night. A new batch of nitro relic bodies are here. Click through for large detail pics and full descriptions of each body (and please excuse the reflections in a few pics – I will rectify when I have some time!). Continued after the pictures…

Heavy Relic 2Tone Sunburst Telecaster.

Heavy Relic 3Tone Sunburst Telecaster

Medium Relic “White-Guard Blonde” Telecaster

Aged + Faded Fiesta Red Telecaster

This one is going to be controversial – Heavily Aged Olympic White Telecaster (Yes, it’s no longer white…)

This one was controversial when pre-relic pics were on Instagram/Facebook. Fantastic colour – Aged Sonic Blue Stratocaster

2Tone Sunburst Stratocaster

“54″ 2Tone Sunburst Stratocaster

I also have a Dakota Red Strat body in stock but need to take new pictures of that one, and a couple of other rather special bodies coming very soon.

Click through, check out the pics and get in touch if you are interested – I’m doing a special offer on any aged body bought with a neck so email for details.



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