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Axecaster is an online retailer of parts for solid body electric guitars. Our aim is to provide a quality selection of bodies, necks and parts for the home builder to create their own unique guitar.

We are authorised dealers for Allparts, Hosco and Gotoh and also have our own range of custom hardware.

In this blog we will keep you updated on our new products and the progress of the odd guitar build here and there.

Thanks, and come back soon.




  1. Hi,

    I want to add the push/push circuit to my Mexican cabronita (already fitted the new bridge I bought from you, thanks) so will be purchasing the capacitors and push/push pot.
    What I also want to do is replace the selector switch as its a bit off. Can you recommend a replacement switch for the cabronita please.



  2. Hi Peter
    I’m very sorry – obviously I missed this message. I see you placed an order and I’d love to see pics of the finished build.

  3. Hi, I think that the body “Axecaster Bare Bones Esquire Alder (AX-BB-ALD) – #104” looks really nice. Is it a 2 piece body? And is it still available? Thanks!

    1. Hi Alexander
      Sorry I missed this question. Yes, the alder are 2 piece bodies and #104 is still available.

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