Bank Holiday Posting

The usual drill folks – all non-courier orders received after 2pm Friday 25th will dispatch on Tuesday 29th so they don’t sit in/get kicked around a sorting office over the weekend.

Courier orders (necks/bodies) received after 6pm Thursday 24th will also dispatch Tuesday 29th. The above is except Parcelforce – Parcelforce orders received up to 1pm Friday 25th will be dispatched same day, everything after will dispatch Tuesday.

As usual I’ll be answering emails over the long weekend (although replies may take a bit longer than usual).

Keep your brollies close…

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Current Stock Of Bodies – Links

Here are links to pictures of all the bodies currently in stock. You will find the body #, weight and number of pieces on the picture of the front of the body.

If one strikes your fancy just order directly from the site and add a note of the body # to your order. As a body sells the links will be removed, so (with luck!) the list below will always be up to date.


Hosco Alder (HBD-11) 01 03

Hosco Hardtail Alder (HBD-16) 02 03 05 06 07


Hosco Three Piece Unfinished Alder (HBD-21) 301 302 305 08 310

Hosco Two Piece Unfinished Alder (HBD-212) 201 202 204 205

Hosco One Piece Unfinished Mahogany (HBD-211M) 01 02 03 04 05

Hosco Double Bound Alder (BD-08TC-BD) – 03 04 05 06 07 10 11 13 14 15 16

Hosco Double Bound Mahogany (BD-02TC-BD) – 01 05 06 07 08 09

Allparts Thinline Telecaster (TBAO-TL) – Available to order

Axecaster Bare Bones Esquire (AX-BB-A) – OUT OF STOCK

Axecaster Bare Bones 90 (AX-BB90) – OUT OF STOCK

Axecaster Vintage Spec Telecaster (VNT52-A) – OUT OF STOCK

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New Products, Updates, Catch-Up

There has not been much to post about lately…

Still no ETA on Allparts rosewood necks. Allparts US received a shipment about 3 weeks ago but as I write this as far as I know Allparts UK have not been given the export paperwork to be able to apply for import paperwork.

I am still waiting for my new supplier to finish manufacturing some parts. A couple of new parts and 1/4″ conversion bushes that I’ve been waiting on for 6 months now.

I have something pretty cool which has just been set in motion this week. Hopefully I’ll start to have some updates and pictures of that very soon.

As to actual product news, I have added our Kluson style split post tuners and electrosockets to the aged hardware range. I have a couple of sets of tuners ready to go, then they will be aged to order. The electrosockets should always be in stock, ready to ship.

I’ll be doing a batch of aged hardware this weekend, so neckplates and control plates will be ready to ship Monday.
Have a good weekend.

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Hosco Telecaster Bodies – £85

I have a batch of 3 piece unfinished alder Telecaster bodies from Hosco. Priced at £85 rather than the usual £99 as I consider them “paint grade” bodies. The grain isn’t  the most well matched and some of the joins on the edges are in my opinion too noticeable for natural/translucent finishes.

There may be a little more prep required than the 2 piece bodies – some final sanding – but nothing major.

As always links to pictures of each body with the weight can be found on this page. Check out the pictures and add a message with the number of the body you want when placing an order.


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Chrome or Nickel?

No need to worry – I will not be going into the technical side of things, just the cosmetic.

In our application, both chrome and nickel plating provide protection as well as being decorative. However nickel will dull and tarnish with age and handling/use, while chrome will stay bright for decades, as long as it is not scratched.

Which colour should you choose?

It depends on personal preference and what is currently on your guitar. Mixing chrome and nickel in close proximity may be noticeable, although that didn’t stop Leo Fender!

Chrome and nickel Tele half-bridgesContrary to what some believe, both chrome and nickel are bright polished finishes. Satin or “dull” nickel plating is available, however it will almost always be described that way. I think the confusion comes from people wanting nickel for the dull appearance and have only seen older tarnished examples, not realising that they were once shiny. Or they’ve only seen Callaham Tele bridges, which are dull/satin nickel plated and they think that is the standard nickel plating!

Chrome and nickel barrle knobsWithout seeing both side by side it is sometimes hard to distinguish between the two. Chrome has a slightly blue tint, while nickel has a slightly yellow, “warmer” hue. The depth of this colour can also vary from manufacturer/plater to another, and also from batches from the same manufacturer.



Finally, while nickel will dull and tarnish with use it can be polished back up to near new condition most of the time.

(The last picture is in natural light, with no adjustments. This highlights how photographs can exaggerate the difference between the two – certainly side by side in person the difference is plain, however in reality the chrome is less blue and the nickel less yellow.)

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Last Chance For Hosco / Gotoh Special Orders

I placed my order with Hosco yesterday but have just received an additional special order, which I will be adding tonight. Absolute final last call for special orders for delivery in 6-7 weeks!

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B5 Bigsbys Now In Stock

Just arrived, a batch of B5 Bigsby vibratos.
The B5 is suitable for flat top solid body guitars and used on Telecasters, Gibson SG/Jrs etc
They are lighter than I was expecting – lighter than a standard tremolo for sure.
Pair with a Telecaster Bigsby-ready bridge and you’re good to go!

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Allparts Price Increase

I have been notified that Allparts have increased the price of their own-brand parts again.

Over the last year the combination of weaker pound and increased prices from the parent company has seen a significant increase in my cost price. Up to now I have absorbed every increase, but I simply cannot any longer.

As stock is renewed I will have to increase prices to reflect the increases over the last year.

Stock on hand will be sold at the current price, so if you’ve been putting off a neck purchase, grab one before the price goes up!

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Wilkinson Deluxe 3 a Side Tuners Now Available

This shipment has been delayed so long I almost forgot I ordered these! Individual and 3 on a plate (both with single hole posts) available in nickel. If there is demand I will age these – this is a small test order so will age to order.

I got the 3 on a plate because I had planned to start offering “Snakehead” necks, but the supplier fell through. Centres of the posts are 35mm apart, so standard 3 a side spacing for upgrades.

I’ll be adding my own pictures to the product pages this evening.

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Hardware Shipment Has Arrived

In the nick of time for some items I was getting very low on – massively late for a couple of others.
Notably “G” Arrow chrome knobs which have been out of stock for far too long! (It is interesting how you get runs on items – I even had an emergency shipment of these sent when it was obvious the rest of the shipment was being delayed, and they flew out the door) Hopefully I won’t run out again – I’ve upped my order considerably!

Everyone on the “update” list should have received the email blast last night.

Also back in stock are our Kluson Style 6 in line machine heads with split posts. I will be offering aged versions of these, same as the Wilkinsons.

I have a couple of new products on this shipment but still need to inspect and photograph them. Hopefully another post will be coming this evening or tomorrow.

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