Additions to Aged Hardware

A few new products in the Aged Hardware section today – Telecaster threaded steel and vintage brass saddles. All screws are checked before dispatch to ensure they work correctly – we want the look of old parts, not the problems!

Also a couple of Fender “F” neckplates, just because.

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New Bass Parts Added To The Store

The eagle eyed will have noticed this new section pop up yesterday – Bass Parts.

It may or may not be permanent…presently the contents are parts I ordered to build my own Dusty Hill inspired Peeler-style bass. I’ve had to finally admit that it is unlikely I’ll get round to putting it together, so I’m putting it all in the store.

The Allparts Tele Bass body is a real beauty. A lovely slab of swamp ash, weighing in at a back friendly 4lb 9.75oz. Allparts really do make gorgeous bodies.

Should you want a neck to go with it I can of course order one in.

The Fender 51 P Bass bridge with steel saddles is a bit on the rare side – took me a while to track it down.

Fender 51 Precision Bass Bridge Cover

Allparts Razor Tele Bass Pickup – Alnico V magnets and a vintage 7.9k output.

Gotoh GB2 Machine Heads

String guide and ferrules – weirdly the ferrules are the the wrong size for the body!

Finally a Gotoh 203B-4 bridge. I ordered this when it was looking liek I wouldn’t be able to track down the Fender bridge.

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A Couple Of Surprises Added To Clearance Corner

“Found” during end of year stocktake these two Mighty Mite necks have minor blemishes.

The Stratocaster neck has a crack in the heel. It has had superglue wicked in and has been stable for over 2 years.

The rosewood (!) Tele neck has tool marks on the edge of the heel which will be mostly hidden when fitted.

Both reduced to £80

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Another Bank Holiday…

Royal MailReminded by the central heating kicking in!

I will dispatch orders as usual tomorrow but please remember anything ordered now will probably take a day or two longer than usual to arrive. I will dispatch orders received after 1pm tomorrow on Tuesday, when all carriers will be back to normal.

Enjoy the long weekend (I will try and get some actual “me” time this time!).

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Opinions wanted on possible new product lines

Hosco have started producing a few aged plastic pieces to compliment Gotoh’s relic range. I ordered samples of most to check them out.  Depending on your viewing platform you need to click on “view image” to get full sized pictures.

Stratocaster set.

There are 3 aged white pickguards available – 57, 62 and 72. The ageing looks quite good to me – no splits at the screw holes, but lighter sections under the strings and knobs and scratching. Holes and profile seem fine with my comparison guards. Strangely the shielding behind the switch slot hasn’t been cut!

Hosco 57 relic pickguardHosco 62 relic pickguardHosco 72 relic pickguard

Obviously there are other bits to go along with the pickguards. The knobs and covers can be toned down with wiping.

Hosco relic strat knobsHosco relic strat knobs detailHosco relic whamy tipHosco relic Strat switchtipHosco relic strat pickup covers

I am certainly leaning towards stocking one of the pickguards – probably 57 or 62. Not sure about the rest of the plastics.

There are also some less “caster” oriented knobs. The gold ones look pretty cool – the black ones I received look brand new, so I need to confirm whether they are actually the correct aged versions.

Hosco relic speed knobsHosco relic UFO knobsBlack which hat knobsSpeed knobs

So what do you think? Should I stock the Strat plastics package or just the guards, and should I continue to expand into more non-Fender parts?

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Nickel Plated Screws For Gotoh/Vintage Tuners

Just a quickie – these came with the Hosco order. These are the screws that come with Gotoh SD90/91 machine heads. I thought I’d add them as an alternative to the stainless steel screws for those that want a perfect match to their tuners, or who want the screws to age (either naturally or helped along).

Pack of 7, they are 2.4mm x 12mm  with a 4.45mm diameter head.

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Stratocaster Knobs For CTS Pots

A new addition to the store from the Hosco shipment that arrived last week – Stratocaster UFO knobs for CTS pots.

They will of course also fit Alpha pots, but they are made specifically to fit CTS pots – much less chance of breaking/damaging a pot when fitting and especially when removing!

Available in black, white and parchment.

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One Piece Mahogany Telecaster Bodies

A quick update – I received a handful of one piece mahogany telecaster bodies in the shipment yesterday. Full disclosure, they are not light, averaging around 5 1/2 pounds, but what do you expect, it’s mahogany!

Pictures of available bodies with weight are now up and links can be found here.

Pictures of other bodies will be going up throughout the next few days as I photograph them (I have some double bound pics I need to crop/resize which will be up later today).

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New Gotoh Products

The Hosco/Gotoh shipment has arrived and a couple of new products have been added to the store.

Along with re-stocking the ever-popular 6-in-line relic vintage tuners I have added some 3×3 vintage style tuners in both nickel and aged nickel. If they prove popular they will be permanent lines.

Also arrived – 50+ bodies! I will be inspecting and weighing/photographing them (for the rest of the week I presume) and will get photos up on the permanent “in stock” page ASAP.

More updates over the next few days as I check the shipment…


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Last of the Mighty Mite Necks Plus an Addition

You may have noticed a couple of additions to the store.

The final 5 Mighty Mite V-Profile Telecaster necks have been added to Clearance Corner. They have minor cosmetic blemishes, hence the reduction. Links to pictures of each neck and a short description are in the product info.

I also have a new neck in the store, and it’s rosewood! An Allparts rosewood fingerboard Telecaster neck with aged satin finish. The ageing is subtle, not over the top at all. The neck pictured is the neck for sale.

Apparently the Hosco shipment is out for delivery, so with luck I should have an update or two on that later tonight or tomorrow.

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