Stock Updates

The latest shipment from Hosco arrived Monday. Things are still not back to normal with suppliers/shipments, so I am getting smaller deliveries as and when products are available rather than one big order all at once.

If you are not signed up to product notifications or following on instagram you may not have seen the restocked lines.

Allparts TMO-V and JGRO necks arrived Monday.

Pearloid thinline Telecaster pickguards are back in stock, as well as 10 gauge nut file sets with magnetic holder.

Gotoh SD91 in both bright shiny new and relic/aged arrived a week or so ago in the last delivery. These are going fast and as Gotoh is running extended delivery times my next batch isn’t due until late July, so don’t delay!

GTC 201 and 202 telecaster bridges arrived this week. Also one solitary GTC202 in black (a packing mistake), so we’ll see how long that one lasts as a test for future stocking policy.

Next are Gotoh GE101TS vintage spec tremolos. Due to my mistake these were ordered bulk packed/OEM so this batch has no retail packaging and I’ve adjusted the price accordingly.

Finally Gotoh BS-TC1 vintage Telecaster bridge are back.

I had Gotoh make these specially for me, with the traditional engraved Gotoh logo instead of the new laser etched “In-Tune” logo, which I do not like (at all!). It costs a bit more but I’m happy to swallow the increase cost price to have a better looking product in the store. Also now available in chrome.



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