New Products

Well, one new one and a few new products being given the relic treatment.


Vintage spec Telecaster control platesNew in are vintage spec Telecaster control plates. As Hosco stopped offering their plate for some reason I’ve had my supplier make these to Fender spec and 1.6mm thick. Just like the 2mm plates, these are the same length and width and have the same mount hole location as Fender plates. These will fit a bit better with thin vintage spec plates or “proper” bakelite plates.

Aged Hosco Telecaster jack cup

Speaking of Hosco I have found a method of ageing the push-in jack cups I am happy with. You may have seen a teaser pic on Facebook or Instagram and they are now in the store.


Aged Telkecaster saddles



As you can see, less is more is the name of the game with my ageing and that continues with the 50s style 1/4 inch steel saddles. Just taking a little shine off without rusting everything to buggery!




Finally I’ve added aged pickguard screws to the store. As with all ageing appearance will vary from batch to batch but I’m aiming for dulled down and not rusty.


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