Allparts Rosewood Delay

ALLPARTSCITES continues to frustrate things…

Last week Allparts informed me that due to needing to renew their CITES license the rosewood order may be delayed up to 90 days.

I have been trying to find an alternative for the models/specs I buy from Allparts but have so far come up short. The companies who produce the same spec necks either don’t have dealer/trade pricing or have unrealistic minimum order quantities. I can’t get the same specs from Hosco unless I can commit to 30 pcs of each model, which is again unrealistic. (Hosco won’t even change one spec on a stock neck without the minimum quantity requirement eg different size fretwire)

So as things stand it will be a while before I get more rosewood Allparts necks. If anything changes I will of course post an update.


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