Stock Roundup

For those that missed it I have Allparts roasted maple necks back after a long absence.

Quarter sawn Strat and Tele and “regular” sawn (rift? flat?). I’m not sure why the non-quarter sawn are only available in Tele but it means I can offer them for a decent saving over the quarter sawn version.

I have pics of each neck in the following galleries SMO-CRQ TMO-CRQ TMO-CR

Also back after a long absence are Telecaster Bigsby-fied bridges. Wouldn’t you know, B5s are now rare as rocking horse poo, but if you have a Bigsby or an AliExpress clone one of these will save you the trouble of grinding out the valleys in the back of a plate and the grooved Gotoh In-Tune saddles will help with string alignment.

Finally (for now) I have brushed aluminium Electro-sockets in stock for those needing to shave a few crucial grams off their build.


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