The ballad of the Axecaster website…

I am a little wary of posting anything as over the weekend whenever I posted a “yay it’s fixed” update on Facebook or Instagram within minutes the site was down again.

After almost 2 days of issues I insisted my site was moved to a new server. Thankfully my host agreed and it was moved Sunday night. The only issue with that is that it takes a while for the nameservers to update across the web so some people may still see issues for up to 24 hours. In fact while everything appeared to be working correctly yesterday morning I wasn’t receiving emails from ebay sales – they were still being sent to the old server until late afternoon.

However (looking around nervously) it now appears that my site is up and running correctly (manically touching wood) and all my services are working as they should (furiously rubs a rabbit’s foot).

For now.


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