Preparing Allparts order

ALLPARTSI am looking to place a new Allparts order next Monday so if anyone has a special request please get in touch and let me know.

A few examples of the prices I can offer including a couple of the fancier options.

Jazz Bass maple neck, unfinished. Allparts price £176. My price £140

Swamp ash single humbucker Stratocaster body – Allparts price£212. My price £167.50

Sugar pine Telecaster body – Allparts price £216. My price £167.50

Jazz Bass neck/rosewood board, inlays + binding, vintage finish – Allparts price £380. My price £320

Pink Paisley Telecaster body – Allparts price £611.11. My price £525

Don’t forget my prices are all delivered in mainland UK (including NI).


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