Nice Feedback on the Hardtail Hipshot Style bridge.

I don’t have a review section on the site (although I suppose I should) so will occasionally post messages received from customers here.

A few days ago I received a nice message from Miller Anderson, a gentleman with quite a resumé, about the positive results of changing to the aged Hardtail Hipshot-style bridge on a Fender Modern Player La Cabronita.

Hello Axecasters . I’m really glad I found your site . I just received your aged Cabronita fixed bridge replacement .
I ordered it on Friday night when I got back from some gigs in Germany . It was there on Monday morning . I have the USA  Telebration Cabronita  and an early Mexican model . I bought the Mexican Cab as I liked the US model so much and wanted a cheaper second guitar Of the same type. I got a real surprise with the Mex guitar . I loved the Fideli Tron pickups I think it sounds better than the US model ! Of course it is not so refined, the neck feel etc . The bridge was the cheapest and most inferior part . I installed your Cabronita bridge in about 30 minutes (dead easy !)
What a difference . Thanks a lot .

Many thanks for the kind words Miller!


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