New Products Roundup

For those of you not following our Facebook Page (and you should like/follow it as sometimes I post there and not here) here’s what has been added to the store recently.

A bunch of new relic/aged products to complement the existing lines.

First up Hosco vintage Telecaster bridges.  An alternative to the Fender version these are great for those of you who don’t want “Fender” branding anywhere on your guitars.




Next up. Hosco Telecaster control plates.

Same ageing as my other plates, these are thinner at 1.6mm for a more vintage vibe.

Holes for CTS pots and available in chrome.


Both vintage brass and threaded steel Telecaster saddles are now available aged.





I have a couple of Fender “F” neck plates ready to go.






Relic string ferrulesFinally the latest additions – vintage knurled and vintage smooth ferrules.

I’ve not offered these before as to be honest being on the back of the guitar I didn’t really see the point. However I realised the same could be said for neck plates!

Comparison pics of both aged and non-aged can be found on the product pages.


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