Fender La Cabronita Thinline / Squier La Cabronita owners – a request!

With the introduction of the new La Cabronita models from Fender and Squier I am trying to get some solid information regarding the bridges/string spacing.

A couple of posts on TDPRI suggest that the Thinline has in fact through holes drilled to match the wider string spacing of the bridge, 54mm. This would be a change from the Classic Player  (Standard) La Cabronita introduced last year, which has oversized through holes which can fit both 52.5mm and 54mm spaced bridges. This would also mean that the string alignment issue over the polepieces would not be easy to rectify by simply switching to a narrower spaced bridge and could involve enlarging/modifying the string through holes to fit the narrower bridge.

Is there anyone out there with a Thinline willing to get us a definitive answer?

Similarly I would be interested to hear from anyone with a Standard (Mexican) La Cabronita dated 2013 to see if they are the same as the 2012 models or if they have also had the through hole locations changed.

Regarding the Vintage Modified La Cabronita from Squier, it would appear from the pictures that the bridge has the narrower spacing as the string alignment over the bridge polepieces looks good. The bridge is different from the Fender model with different screw hole locations, so I am trying to find out the compatibility of my hipshot style bridge. Assuming the string through hole locations is a match,  new mount holes will need to be drilled – will these new holes interfere with the original holes?

EDIT>>Chris Mann has provided this detailed account of fitting the bridge to his Squier Vintage Modified La Cabronita.

So if anyone has any of the above and would be willing to help answer these questions, please get in touch.



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