Confirmation of Thinline La Cabronita bridge compatibility

Thinline La Cabronita bridge swapThis morning I received confirmation from Greg in Australia that our Hipshot Style bridge will fit a 2013 Thinline! He has a 2013 Shoreline Gold Thinline and changed the bridge. Greg says
“Here’s my Shoreline Gold Thinline Cab with your hardtail. Great to see the strings over the poles and the top E sitting safely over the deck. There is a slight improvement to the tone, a little louder and more bottom end. I just managed to get the intonation right on the low E string, the spring is fairly compressed…The mount holes were perfect, but the string-through holes are slightly wider on the guitar but not really an issue, it’s around 1.5 millimetre wider at each end. So a wiggle gets the string through no worries with no nasty string angles.”

Great to have a first hand account and picture evidence – thanks Greg!



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