Additions to Clearance Corner

A couple of Telecaster bodies have been added to Clearance Corner.

First up a 3 piece alder Hosco body. This has a tearout on the bass side of the neck pocket. It is mostly hidden with a pickguard in place. Also there is some over-sanding of the treble side of the neck pocket. Looks like someone was a bit over zealous with the spindle sander. It will not impact the stability of the neck.

Due to these flaws  it is reduced from £99 to £80.

Next is a double bound mahogany Hosco body. This has some tearout on the edge of the control rout. It will be completely hidden by the control plate (a 32mm Fender spec plate was used in the pictures) but is reduced 10% to £103.50

Check out the detail photos of both bodies on the listing pages.




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