Shipping to Italy Suspended

Due to an IT failure in Italian Customs there are significant delays processing shipments from outside the EU. Due to this I have had to suspend shipping to Italy for the time being, sorry.

Message received from Royal Mail today.

“We have been advised by Poste Italiane that severe delays are being experienced in processing postal items due to serious IT problems in Italian customs. This is affecting all postal shipments from outside the EU.
Although we are continuing to ship items to Italy at the moment, due to these technical issues being experienced once they arrive, they currently face delays of at least several weeks before being processed by customs and delivered by Poste Italiane. We are in constant dialogue with Poste Italiane, but they have so far been unable to give us a date when these issues will be resolved. Therefore, please consider the current situation carefully if you are posting items to Italy as they will face severe delays once they arrive in the country. We will provide further updates as soon as we have them.

Royal Mail”

Right now I am unsure if this is also affecting shipments via DHL, so have also suspended that service until I know for sure.

Sorry about this but better for all concerned to err on the side of caution than have parcels delayed for weeks before we know if they are actually lost or not.


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