Mighty Mite shipment update

The Mighty Mite shipment that was due in today is unfortunately running late. I won’t bore you with the trials and tribulations I have been subjected to over the last week to get it here, but it is at least on the move. The shipment is having a wee trot around the US before crossing the pond and is expected to arrive on Wednesday 8th, customs delays notwithstanding.

I will email all pre-order customers as soon as it arrives. Unfortunately while MM2900CR (Strat/rosewood/compound radius) were initially stated as being in the shipment I have been informed that all the stock Mighty Mite received were incorrectly labelled MM2900, so no MM2900CR will be arriving.

On the plus side my special order of 21 fret Telecaster necks was almost 2/3 filled so they should last a little while.

Have a good weekend!



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