Allparts Rosewood Necks Are Here.

ALLPARTSThe shipment has finally arrived. Not everything I ordered arrived, and my original order was cut down, so numbers are very limited. Everyone who signed up for notifications was sent an email this afternoon, so order as soon as you can to avoid disappointment!

Click here to get started!

Going forward Allparts are hoping to have rosewood shipments come in every 6-8 weeks. That of course depends on the US stock and any delays with the paperwork.
I am taking pre-orders for the next rosewood delivery, expected to arrive before Christmas.
Please get in touch to reserve a standard stock neck or to special order something that I don’t normally carry, like a baritone or bass neck, or any rosewood board neck Allparts sell. See the full range here.

I will be placing the order with Allparts on Monday. Once the order is placed, it cannot be modified so please contact me as soon as possible for price quotes and to place an order.



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