New Batch Of Aged Bodies

A new batch of aged bodies are now available with finishing and ageing work expertly undertaken by Scott at SC Relics as usual.

This batch had a theme – blackguards through the years. We wanted to show various levels of ageing from almost new to 50 years on the road in smokey bars.

We used this picture from the Scotty Broyles Archive of a 52 Tele on stage in 1952 as our reference for the base colour. This gave us our “case queen” starting point. Almost no wear at all and no yellowing, there are a few minor dents that you might expect to accumulate over the years on a well-kept guitar going in and out of the case. The finish is sinking into the grain but is still shiny and there is no checking.

At the other end of the spectrum we have the “road warrior” – lots of yellowing, tan lines, abundant checking, buckle rash, arm wear, edge wear, it’s got the lot.

You can find them all in the New Products section of the site. Make sure you check out the linked galleries with higher quality detailed pictures.

Case Queen Ageing Beauty (my favourite!) Honky Tonk Baby Old Smokey The Road Warrior


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