Gotoh Shipment Has Arrived

and with it a few out of stock lines are now replenished.

Relic tremolos GTC101 hardtail bridges Magnum Lock vintage style machine heads Titanium In-Tune Saddles

Also vintage spec Hosco maple necks arrived – both Strat and Tele.

As per usual TNT split the delivery so I’m still waiting for one box with some rather cool contents – with a little luck I will have an update on that tomorrow…

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2 Responses to Gotoh Shipment Has Arrived

  1. isidro angel lopez martinez says:

    Hi, hosco telecaster 22 frets maple necks and hosco stratocaster 22 frets maple necks are coming?
    Hosco telecaster 9,5″ rosewood necks?


    • Axecaster says:

      I don’t have any 22 fret Hosco necks coming I’m afraid. I have a batch of 21 fret rosewood due very soon – I just sent the import certificates to Japan so as soon as they receive them the necks will ship. Hopefully get them end of next week or the week after.

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