New Products, Updates, Catch-Up

There has not been much to post about lately…

Still no ETA on Allparts rosewood necks. Allparts US received a shipment about 3 weeks ago but as I write this as far as I know Allparts UK have not been given the export paperwork to be able to apply for import paperwork.

I am still waiting for my new supplier to finish manufacturing some parts. A couple of new parts and 1/4″ conversion bushes that I’ve been waiting on for 6 months now.

I have something pretty cool which has just been set in motion this week. Hopefully I’ll start to have some updates and pictures of that very soon.

As to actual product news, I have added our Kluson style split post tuners and electrosockets to the aged hardware range. I have a couple of sets of tuners ready to go, then they will be aged to order. The electrosockets should always be in stock, ready to ship.

I’ll be doing a batch of aged hardware this weekend, so neckplates and control plates will be ready to ship Monday.
Have a good weekend.

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