Current Stock Of Bodies – Links

Here are links to pictures of all the bodies currently in stock. You will find the body # and weight in the album name.

If one strikes your fancy just order directly from the site and add a note of the body # to your order. As a body sells the links will be removed, so (with luck!) the list below will always be up to date.


Hosco Alder Modern/60s Style (HBD-112)   OUT OF STOCK


Hosco 62 Style Unfinished One Piece Swamp Ash (TVD-13TC-SD)  Listed on site

Hosco 62 Style Unfinished Swamp Ash (TVD-15TC-SD)     204 101  106    

Hosco 62 Style Unfinished Alder (TVD-08TC-SD)   07 10 105

Hosco Double Bound Alder (BD-08TC-BD)      209   304   405  407

Hosco Alder Thinline (TBD-08TT-SD)  101    102   107  108  109

Roasted Swamp Ash Thinline (TL-08TT-ROA)   

Axecaster Bare Bones Esquire Swamp Ash (AX-BB-A) –  106 107 108 109 110

Axecaster Vintage Spec Telecaster (VNT52-A) –   OUT OF STOCK


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