Opinions wanted on possible new product lines

Hosco have started producing a few aged plastic pieces to compliment Gotoh’s relic range. I ordered samples of most to check them out.  Depending on your viewing platform you need to click on “view image” to get full sized pictures.

Stratocaster set.

There are 3 aged white pickguards available – 57, 62 and 72. The ageing looks quite good to me – no splits at the screw holes, but lighter sections under the strings and knobs and scratching. Holes and profile seem fine with my comparison guards. Strangely the shielding behind the switch slot hasn’t been cut!

Hosco 57 relic pickguardHosco 62 relic pickguardHosco 72 relic pickguard

Obviously there are other bits to go along with the pickguards. The knobs and covers can be toned down with wiping.

Hosco relic strat knobsHosco relic strat knobs detailHosco relic whamy tipHosco relic Strat switchtipHosco relic strat pickup covers

I am certainly leaning towards stocking one of the pickguards – probably 57 or 62. Not sure about the rest of the plastics.

There are also some less “caster” oriented knobs. The gold ones look pretty cool – the black ones I received look brand new, so I need to confirm whether they are actually the correct aged versions.

Hosco relic speed knobsHosco relic UFO knobsBlack which hat knobsSpeed knobs

So what do you think? Should I stock the Strat plastics package or just the guards, and should I continue to expand into more non-Fender parts?

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13 Responses to Opinions wanted on possible new product lines

  1. Martin says:

    The strat knobs and pickup covers look overdone, imho. The pickguards look fine though.

    • Axecaster says:

      I think I agree – although as I said the grime can be wiped off the knobs and covers. What about the gold Gibson type knobs?

  2. No, not interested in fake antiques. There are so many more useful items you could stock. I’ve just had to send to USA for two low-profile Oak Grigsby SuperSwitches so that I can get five way switching in my Telecaster.

    • Axecaster says:

      Believe me, there are loads of things I’d love to stock, if I can justify them!
      Unfortunately I have been unable to find a stockist for the OAK superswitches at a cost price that would make it viable to stock them. Where did you order it from?
      Similarly I’d love to stock more Hosco luthier tools, however they are not cheap and demand is limited.
      Thanks for the comments.

  3. Peter Vogel says:

    Hi there Gavin,
    to be honest, I think the pickguards are not that bad but definitely not great. The knobs, covers etc., I must say, seem very poorly made and are nowhere near authentic nor masterfully aged and also not up to the standard set by some other companies. There is in fact much better stuff around. Sorry, but this can be done much better. I am using aged parts for a long time and I would not stock these as long as Hosco can’t do any better.

    • Axecaster says:

      Hi Peter
      Thanks for the comments. I agree the Strat knobs and covers are not that great. The speed knobs look pretty good to my eye – what do you think of those?

      • Peter Vogel says:

        Hi Gavin,
        you’re right, the speed knobs look pretty good to me too. I didn’t mention those, because Strats are the ONLY guitars for me ;-) . Maybe some Tele, too. Also, I really like your idea of stocking bass parts, since not many dealers do this. Thumbs up!

        • Axecaster says:

          I must admit the bass parts are half trial, half freeing up a much delayed project. if the demand is there I would certainly stock more!

  4. Jeremy Duffield-Harding says:

    Visiting your Blog Gavin was a bad idea… I now want to use your aged hardware for a 1959 Telecaster build. Looking at your beautifully aged nickel hardware collection, there is a gap! You have tuners, string tree, strap buttons, neck plate, control plate, control knobs of both domed and flat topped, but where is the Telecaster bridge? I did find one, a Q-parts ’58 nickel aged bridge; it ‘looks’ nice, at least in the images on the website, would it be worth you stocking that? It should retail for about £25 plus shipping.

  5. Jeremy Duffield-Harding says:

    Gavin, Just another thought on the Stratocaster pickguards you have here, the screw holes look too close to the edge of the guard. They should surely be set further in from the edge, not right on the edge ?

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