Bare-Bones Scratchplate Test

I have finally made a few pickguards for my Bare-Bones bodies. I am looking for some feedback on which design is preferable – I have cut a couple of the guards that expose more of the body around the edge but I’m also considering “fattening” it up so there is a smaller border. You can see a comparison in the gif below – the “fat” version has also been extended closer to the bridge (which I’ll probably do on the final version anyway). The fat version is a mockup in Photoshop, the thinner version one of the cut plates.

I’m planning to also do plates for the P90 bodies – I just need to get the time!


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2 Responses to Bare-Bones Scratchplate Test

  1. Franz J├Ąger says:


    I prefer the smaller version.

    Regards from Vienna

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