Telecaster Ashtray Cover

Fender Ashtray CoverHere is a quick look at how Telecaster Ashtray Bridge Covers work.

The ashtray cover is a very simple design – it is pressed from steel and attaches to the bridge by simple pressure. In order for this to work there must be something for the cover to grip, which is why there are no covers made for modern flat sided bridge plates.

Ashtray cover fitted to a Wilkinson bridge.In the picture to the left you can see that the cover only actually grips the bridge plate in two places,  either side of the  “waist” towards the front.

The cover can be fitted by one of two methods – sliding on from behind the bridge or pressing on from directly on top.

The slight flaring at the front of the cover allows fitting by sliding on from the back of the bridge – when it hits the narrower point the cover bends out slightly and provides a firm grip to the bridge. Be careful using this method as it is easy to scrape the finish behind the bridge.

The rolled edge of the cover allow the same result when fitted by pressing down from directly above the bridge.

If the cover is loose, which can happen over time/use, simply squeezing together the narrower points of the cover will enable a tighter fit. It can take quite a squeeze, so make sure to have a firm grip so it doesn’t fly out of your hands!

In the picture above the Fender Ashtray Cover is firmly fitted on a Wilkinson WTB Vintage Telecaster Bridge but of course will fit any Fender vintage style bridge plate or any bridge plate made to Fender vintage specs.

(That’s a lot of words for a very simple design!)

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4 Responses to Telecaster Ashtray Cover

  1. Richard Cole says:

    Hi and thanks for the info. These posts may be pretty old. I am just “googling” my issue and trying to find a fix. My problem[s] seems to be the opposite that most other people have. I have a vintage style bridge with sides, and I bought a “vintage style” { so I’ve been told} ashtray cover. But it fits very tight … to a point that it wants to pop off the bridge. AND the rear part seems to wobble up and down and doesn’t seem to want to stay put.
    I’m wondering if there might be others with the same issues. I’m wondering if I should try spreading the cover or perhaps bend the sides of the bridge “in” a little.
    Give me your thoughts. And thanks.

    • Axecaster says:

      Hi Richard
      Sorry for the late reply.
      I’ve tried every available ashtray cover and the only ones that reliably fit properly are Fender and Hosco. Unfortunately Hosco no longer sell them due to the mold breaking.
      If yours is one of the cheap Chinese ones that have been turning up on ebay, Amazon and AliExpress then it isn’t made to the same dimensions as a Fender plate. I bought one to check and experienced exactly what you describe – the back kept lifting and the plate would pop off. I think the plate isn’t as deep as a Fender item, which is why it kept popping off.
      You could try spreading the cover slightly to see if that helps but in my case it just made it too loose to stay on.
      A Fender cover fits almost all vintage style plates.
      I hope that helps.

  2. Brian Milligan says:

    Hi – I hope you can help. Will a Fender Ashtray Cover fit a Mexican Fender Baja Telecaster? Regards, Brian.

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