Current Stock Of Bodies – Links

Here are links to pictures of all the bodies currently in stock. You will find the body #, weight and number of pieces on the picture of the front of the body or in the album name.

If one strikes your fancy just order directly from the site and add a note of the body # to your order. As a body sells the links will be removed, so (with luck!) the list below will always be up to date.


Hosco Alder (HBD-11) 01

Hosco Hardtail Alder (HBD-16) 02 03 05 06 07


Hosco 62 Style Unfinished Alder (TVD-08TC-SD) 01 02 03 04 06 07 08 09 10

Hosco Three Piece Unfinished Alder (HBD-21)    310

Hosco One Piece Unfinished Mahogany (HBD-211M) 01 02SOLD 03 05

Hosco Double Bound Alder (BD-08TC-BD) – 03 06  10 11 13 15 16

Hosco Double Bound Mahogany (BD-02TC-BD) -   09

Allparts Thinline Telecaster (TBAO-TL) – Available to order

Axecaster Bare Bones Esquire (AX-BB-A) – OUT OF STOCK

Axecaster Bare Bones 90 (AX-BB90) – OUT OF STOCK

Axecaster Vintage Spec Telecaster (VNT52-A) – OUT OF STOCK

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