New International Shipping Option For Necks

As mentioned yesterday I have implemented a new shipping option for international neck orders.

Courier rates for shipping to Europe can vary wildly from one country to another. Royal Mail however has set rates for all of Europe (plus 2 other world zones). The price difference between Royal Mail and courier rates is significant – between £4 and £10, depending on the destination country!

Here’s the rub – in case you don’t know, Royal Mail won’t carry anything longer than 610mm unless packed in a tube. Suitable tubes are expensive unless purchased in vary large quantities and take up a lot of space. However it appears that Royal Mail will accept a triangular box as a tube, which are stored flat packed and of which I have many as I use them for domestic neck shipments! The only downside being that unlike a rectangular box there is very little extra space for anything other than a single neck. I don’t see that being a problem as a lot of neck orders are for the neck and a few small bits of hardware. It may be that is works out cheaper for you to split your order in two and ship the neck Royal Mail tracked and hardware separately regular airmail – it’s certainly worth trying both ways.

I spent a good few hours writing the module and testing it this morning. Hopefully it works as intended and is shown as an option when the order is for a single neck and small hardware (no bridges/trems/bodies or pickguards). I also added it for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Let me know if you find any issues, and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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