New Bass Parts Added To The Store

The eagle eyed will have noticed this new section pop up yesterday – Bass Parts.

It may or may not be permanent…presently the contents are parts I ordered to build my own Dusty Hill inspired Peeler-style bass. I’ve had to finally admit that it is unlikely I’ll get round to putting it together, so I’m putting it all in the store.

The Allparts Tele Bass body is a real beauty. A lovely slab of swamp ash, weighing in at a back friendly 4lb 9.75oz. Allparts really do make gorgeous bodies.

Should you want a neck to go with it I can of course order one in.

The Fender 51 P Bass bridge with steel saddles is a bit on the rare side – took me a while to track it down.

Fender 51 Precision Bass Bridge Cover

Allparts Razor Tele Bass Pickup – Alnico V magnets and a vintage 7.9k output.

Gotoh GB2 Machine Heads

String guide and ferrules – weirdly the ferrules are the the wrong size for the body!

Finally a Gotoh 203B-4 bridge. I ordered this when it was looking liek I wouldn’t be able to track down the Fender bridge.

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