Allparts Neck Update

First a new addition to the store – quartersawn roasted maple Stratocaster neck. This is the roasted version of the SMO-C – 10″ fretboard radius and tall/narrow frets.

The neck pictured is the neck for sale.

An update on the rosewood situation.

Unusually, the UK authorities have been more on the ball with sorting out the import/export regulations for rosewood products. Unfortunately the US is still lagging behind. Allparts in the US have been unable to give a clear timeline for when they will be able to export rosewood products again. To that end, Allparts UK have removed all rosewood products from their site.

This doesn’t mean that they will never be restocked, but there is no point taking back-orders until a firm eta is known.

You may notice that a lot of maple necks are out of stock on both my site and Allparts’ sites. Don’t worry, Allparts US is waiting for shipments from the factory, which will hopefully start arriving in the next couple of weeks.


*Can you believe I typed “Allaprts” every single time in this post!?

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