Mighty Mite Update

You may have noticed a few posts on Facebook announcing the last one of a particular Mighty Mite neck, and my remark that I would not be reordering that model.

Here is the situation – I will not be reordering ANY Mighty Mite necks.

In the autumn Mighty Mite completely changed their dealer pricing and minimum order quantities (MOQ). To say that it was extreme would be putting it mildly – in order to receive the pricing I have previously enjoyed I would need to increase my order by 500% on my most popular models. (Less popular models would simply be unprofitable) If I can’t hit that number per model, the price increases are 33 – 50% at my previous order levels. Even without taking the weak pound into account, this has priced Mighty Mite necks out of the UK  market.

If Mighty Mite reverse this change (which they may if the big “box shifter” retailers don’t cover the lost orders from the little guys)  I’d consider restocking.

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