Hardware Update

As you may have guessed from the Facebook post yesterday, the hardware shipment that was due mid-December has finally arrived.

Along with steel compensated Telecaster saddles, the following are now back in stock – hipshot-style hardtail bridge, dome top knobs for solid shaft pots (chrome and nickel),  flat top knobs for solid shaft pots (nickel),  heavy knurl dome and flat top knobs in chrome, Wilkinson WVPC tremolo, Axecaster Kluson-style  split post tuners.

The shipment has been counted but the rest of the weekend will be taken up with inspecting that everything else is as it should be (obviously I immediately inspected the out of stock items). A lot of that is checking the plating on products, which will have to wait for daytime and natural light, so I’m knocking off early today.

Have a good weekend!


“Hipshot®” is a registered trademark of Hipshot Products, Inc. and Axecaster is not affiliated with Hipshot Products, Inc.

Kluson® is a registered trademark of WD Music Products, Inc®. Axecaster is not affiliated with WD Music Products, Inc®.

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