New Additions To The Store

A quick roundup -

Aged round string trees, Telecaster jack cups, Stratocaster jack plates and vintage style strap pins are all now available. While I currently have stocks of all ready to go, sometimes there may be a one or two day delay in shipping while I age some from stock.

Clearance Corner – one ply 57 spec Stratocaster scratchplates in white and aged white. The screw hole at the treble side by the pots is out of alignment, hence reduced to £7.50

Hosco 3 Tone sunburst Telecaster body. Just the one pictured available. Weighs 4lb 15oz SOLD!

Gotoh BS-TC1 vintage Telecaster bridge. Full sidewall version (cut sidewall model should be back in stock next week) The usual superb quality from Gotoh.

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