Stainless Machine Head Screws, Fillister Head Telecaster Intonation Screws

Not the most snappy post title I admit, but accurate!

You may have experienced this – installing a new set of tuners on a brand new neck and one of the screw heads shears off, requiring a difficult extraction process. The screws are very small and if your pilot hole is too tight the smallest amount of extra force can have you cursing.

Now available, stainless steel No.2 X 3/8″ Phillips pan head tuner screws. Sold in multiples of 7 for vintage style tuners they are also suitable for most modern style tuners. Stainless steel is stronger than the mild steel most screws are made from but this doesn’t mean you can skip the pilot hole! You still need to drill the correct size and depth pilot hole and lubricate the screws during installation (wax, soap etc). They are unplated so may not exactly match chrome/nickel plated tuners but in my opinion the difference is not that noticeable. On the back of the headstock. Where you don’t see them.

Also now in stock are stainless steel 1 3/4″ 6-32 fillister head slotted Telecaster intonation screws. These only fit Telecaster saddles with 6-32 hardware, so our straight vintage brass, slant compensated and threaded steel saddles (along with genuine Fender vintage spec saddles). Once again unplated the tight thread makes these appear dark grey¬† – please see the pictures.


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