Gotoh Vintage Tuners Update

For those of you who did not register for updates here is the latest development for Gotoh SD91 tuners.

As well as another packaging change they now come with both vintage spec 8.8mm and Fender spec 9.2mm bushes. This is extremely handy, as Fender uses Ping Well tuners on most of it’s “import” range and the vintage tuners are supplied with 9.2mm bushes, hence 9.2mm tuner holes in the headstock! (I’m not sure if the tuners fitted to the US made vintage range are also Ping Well) Now you can replace the Ping Well tuners without having to worry about sleeves or enlarging the holes for reducer bushes.

They also now come with an installation/removal tool, especially handy if you have a drill press.

Please note that the relic model SD91-R DOES  NOT come with the extra bushes or tool. Boo!

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