New Additions to Clearance Corner

A couple of Telecaster bodies have been added to Clearance Corner today.
First a single pickup La Cabronita body. This was bought for myself and has been sitting around for a while. I’ve come to realise I’m never going to put this one together! Offset 2 piece alder weighing 4lb 6.5oz it has a few minor knocks so it’s priced at a blow-out £60.

Next an Axecaster Vintage Spec Telecaster body. This was damaged during delivery. Two large dents were in the lower top edge. They have been steamed out to the condition seen in the pictures. There’s also a tiny piece of wood missing from the neck pocket “point”. Both of these issues can be fixed very easily but as this makes this a paint-grade body I am also blowing it out at £60.

Pair one of these bodies with the Allparts TMO-V that is marked down due to very minor ink marks and you’ve got the basis of a very cool build for not very much!

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