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I have an Allparts shipment due in tomorrow however there are still a lot of necks showing as on back-order I’m afraid – TMO-C, TRO-FAT, TMO, SMO-C SRO JZRO LMO

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we get caught up.

I emailed Allparts US to confirm the radius of the nut slots for each neck – one would assume that as Allparts only produces 7.25″ radius nuts all the slots would match. However I have now had it confirmed that nut slots match the radius of the fingerboard. To that end I have sourced some 10″ radiused bone nuts which will give a much easier starting point for the flatter radius necks. The nut slots are also more defined than on the Allparts slotted nuts (which are really no more than starter slots) but will of course require a little fine tuning to match string gauge/height etc. Click the pic to go to the order page.









Finally, check out this little lot. Too long for my normal photo table I’ve had to use the sofa with my rustic backdrop cloth!

I am just waiting on the Gotoh delivery for the tuners, then my Dusty Hill “Peeler” inspired Tele Bass build can get underway. I asked the guys at Allparts to pick me out an attractive neck and body and they certainly delivered! A couple of interesting things – the neck pocket is super tight – I swear you could string it up without screws and not worry about movement! In fact I will definitely be shaving the sides of the neck to allow for the finish.

Secondly Allparts’ own bass ferrules don’t fit this body! The ferrules are c. 9.6mm and the holes in the body are c. 8.4mm Not too much of a problem – I’ll just use the sleeve trick on some of my vintage smooth ferrules.

The neck is a beast – 24mm at the first fret and actually over an inch at the 12th! Not sure how that’s going to affect things – I’ve never picked up a bass before!

I’ve gone with one of Allparts’ own “Razor” brand pickups. I checked with the US and they are ALNICO V so pretty vintage accurate.

So this gets added to the list of builds planned for the next few months – along with a Bare Bones and vintage Tele build. The plan is to do all the prep work relatively soon (grain filling, fret work, rolling fingerboard edges, hardware ageing etc) and then spray everything in one go when the weather is more accommodating. Assuming life doesn’t get in the way…

Don’t forget I can order any of this little lot in for you – just get in touch if you want prices.

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