Stock Update pt 3

Another quickie.

Gotoh “In-Tune” compensated Telecaster saddles in brass and titanium.

I am repeating the blurb from the product page a bit here, but they are pretty clever. Grooves in each saddle have an offset string break point, giving the compensation. This is very similar to Marc Rutters’ popular “straight comp” design, with some tweaks. The grooves are extended holding the strings firmly in place, so players that really dig in or strum like a nutter (guilty of both, yer honour) shouldn’t have to worry about the strings creeping. On the underside the opposite compensation is machined in, so all saddles can be used in any position on both right and left handed guitars.

Standard vintage spacing of 10.8mm (54mm E-E) they will fit any of our vintage spec Telecaster bridge plates.

I hope to have some more bodies weighed and photographed tonight to put up tomorrow.


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