Introducing the Axecaster “Bare-Bones” Esquire

I have wanted to have this style of body in the shop ever since I first saw The Reverend Billy F. Gibbons playing one.

I had intended to put up a build thread as the announcement but as usual time is not on my side and I can hold back no longer!

Made from North American Swamp Ash the “Bare-Bones” Esquire body is based on a vintage Telecaster spec, stripped back to the bare essentials – just a bridge pickup and volume and tone controls. Vintage spec router hump, counter sunk ferrule holes, flat spot at the jack cup and a nice sharp edge.

The control cavity is positioned in the same rearward position as a standard Telecaster cavity which allows you the option of extending if standard Tele controls are required. Of course if you are handy with a router all sorts of possibilities open up for you – you have a blank canvas for any neck pickup you fancy.
The bodies are sanded ready for final prep prior to finishing – they are unsealed so will take stains/dyes.

Scratchplates will be coming (eventually) but they look pretty good naked!

Check out the rest of the photos in the store.

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