Mighty Mite shipment has arrived!

After a lot of faffing about and chasing around the complete shipment has arrived. Those who have been keeping an eye on the site may have already noticed the bodies listed earlier today. For the rest of you, here’s a brief summary.

In addition to the bodies posted yesterday I received the following

The last 2 unfinished Stratocaster bodies at the old price(!), which will be added to the body links page as soon as possible.

Two Strat bodies in Seafoam Green (MM2700AF-SFGRN). One is just about dead on 4lbs, the other 4lbs 9oz.

Two Tele bodies in 3 Tone Sunburst (which I am really starting to like!) One is just about dead on 5lbs, the other 4lbs 14.5oz

I also have two Tele bodies in 2 Tone Sunburst (Tobacco Burst?) which will be on the site tomorrow – I still have to take the pictures.

I have added the necks that came in to the site so you can order away. I haven’t yet inspected or photographed any of them though – that will be my mission to complete by Monday (fingers crossed). I will be emailing anyone with pre-orders that have arrived tomorrow – I just want to get those out and inspected before getting your hopes up!

Some lines are extremely limited – I was only allocated two MM2905C (21 fret Tele necks) so will be justifiably annoyed when I invariably see all my competitors have listed them on ebay. I am going to try and take steps to stop this happening again by placing a very large special order of all the 21 fret lines which will be made specifically for me in addition to Mighty Mite’s regular production run. However, Mighty Mite works on a 4 month lead time so it could be 6 months or more before it all comes together.

Regarding bodies, I have a new shipment from HOSCO coming in about 6 weeks. There will be a few finished bodies on that, along with some more double bound unfinished Tele bodies. I am also planning on stocking more of those, however once again there is a lead time, so expect more news on finished body options in around 4 months.

OK, that’s it for tonight I think.


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