Last Chance For Hosco / Gotoh Special Orders

I placed my order with Hosco yesterday but have just received an additional special order, which I will be adding tonight. Absolute final last call for special orders for delivery in 6-7 weeks!

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B5 Bigsbys Now In Stock

Just arrived, a batch of B5 Bigsby vibratos.
The B5 is suitable for flat top solid body guitars and used on Telecasters, Gibson SG/Jrs etc
They are lighter than I was expecting – lighter than a standard tremolo for sure.
Pair with a Telecaster Bigsby-ready bridge and you’re good to go!

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Allparts Price Increase

I have been notified that Allparts have increased the price of their own-brand parts again.

Over the last year the combination of weaker pound and increased prices from the parent company has seen a significant increase in my cost price. Up to now I have absorbed every increase, but I simply cannot any longer.

As stock is renewed I will have to increase prices to reflect the increases over the last year.

Stock on hand will be sold at the current price, so if you’ve been putting off a neck purchase, grab one before the price goes up!

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Wilkinson Deluxe 3 a Side Tuners Now Available

This shipment has been delayed so long I almost forgot I ordered these! Individual and 3 on a plate (both with single hole posts) available in nickel. If there is demand I will age these – this is a small test order so will age to order.

I got the 3 on a plate because I had planned to start offering “Snakehead” necks, but the supplier fell through. Centres of the posts are 35mm apart, so standard 3 a side spacing for upgrades.

I’ll be adding my own pictures to the product pages this evening.

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Hardware Shipment Has Arrived

In the nick of time for some items I was getting very low on – massively late for a couple of others.
Notably “G” Arrow chrome knobs which have been out of stock for far too long! (It is interesting how you get runs on items – I even had an emergency shipment of these sent when it was obvious the rest of the shipment was being delayed, and they flew out the door) Hopefully I won’t run out again – I’ve upped my order considerably!

Everyone on the “update” list should have received the email blast last night.

Also back in stock are our Kluson Style 6 in line machine heads with split posts. I will be offering aged versions of these, same as the Wilkinsons.

I have a couple of new products on this shipment but still need to inspect and photograph them. Hopefully another post will be coming this evening or tomorrow.

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Wilkinson Vintage Kluson Style Tuners – Now Available In Aged Nickel

Well the title pretty much says it all…

I age these myself, going for a light patina. After ageing the gears are lubed to ensure smooth operation. I will be ageing to order, partly as I will have to age the bushes selected but also as until I gauge interest I don’t know how many to have ready at any time.

Click the picture below (a blatant rip-off of Gotoh’s SD91-R picture!) to go to the product page.

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Hosco / Gotoh Pre-Orders

I will be placing a new order with Hosco this weekend so if anyone has a special request for a product I don’t usually carry, get in touch.

Anything – tools, finished bodies (not black!), bass parts etc.

Lead time will be approximately 6 weeks.

Get in touch for a quote

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Additions to Clearance Corner

A couple of Telecaster bodies have been added to Clearance Corner.

First up a 3 piece alder Hosco body. This has a tearout on the bass side of the neck pocket. It is mostly hidden with a pickguard in place. Also there is some over-sanding of the treble side of the neck pocket. Looks like someone was a bit over zealous with the spindle sander. It will not impact the stability of the neck.

Due to these flaws  it is reduced from £99 to £80.

Next is a double bound mahogany Hosco body. This has some tearout on the edge of the control rout. It will be completely hidden by the control plate (a 32mm Fender spec plate was used in the pictures) but is reduced 10% to £103.50

Check out the detail photos of both bodies on the listing pages.



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Allparts/Gotoh Bigsby Telecaster Bridge

New in today I have these Telecaster bridges for use with Bigsbys.

The bridge plate is made by Allparts and has the back edge cutouts to allow a clean string path to the Bigsby. It also has regular string through holes so you don’t need a new bridge if you remove the Bigsby!

The Gotoh SS-ITB brass compensated saddles are a great choice for a Bigsby bridge with the grooves giving the strings a fixed path.

Supplied with mounting screws and allen wrench for height adjustment.

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New Products Roundup

For those of you not following our Facebook Page (and you should like/follow it as sometimes I post there and not here) here’s what has been added to the store recently.

A bunch of new relic/aged products to complement the existing lines.

First up Hosco vintage Telecaster bridges.  An alternative to the Fender version these are great for those of you who don’t want “Fender” branding anywhere on your guitars.




Next up. Hosco Telecaster control plates.

Same ageing as my other plates, these are thinner at 1.6mm for a more vintage vibe.

Holes for CTS pots and available in chrome.


Both vintage brass and threaded steel Telecaster saddles are now available aged.





I have a couple of Fender “F” neck plates ready to go.






Relic string ferrulesFinally the latest additions - vintage knurled and vintage smooth ferrules.

I’ve not offered these before as to be honest being on the back of the guitar I didn’t really see the point. However I realised the same could be said for neck plates!

Comparison pics of both aged and non-aged can be found on the product pages.

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