First Batch of Relic Bodies Has Arrived!

I am pleased to announce that I have a selection of Hosco bodies finished and aged by SC Relics ready for sale.

A bit of a bias towards Telecasters, I must admit (although one sunburst Strat body sold before it even got to me!) I have 5 Tele and 2 Strat bodies.

Full fat nitro with checking and chipping and all that good stuff. Be sure to check out the detail shots.

Sea Foam Green Telecaster

Shoreline Gold Telecaster

Butterscotch Telecaster (I’m a big fan of this hue butterscotch!)

Aged Olympic White Telecaster

Satin 3 Tone Sunburst Telecaster

Aged Olympic White Stratocaster

Aged Shell Pink Stratocaster

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Tax Free Sales For European VAT Registered Businesses

As you may know,  sales of physical items from one EU state to another between VAT registered businesses is tax free. In order for this be be accomplished the purchaser provides the seller with their VAT number, which the seller checks with VIES. Once confirmed, the purchaser can order and pay net of VAT.  (It is the purchaser’s responsibility to declare the purchase and pay the VAT within their country.)

I am in the process of having a developer look at adding this functionality to the site to automate the process. However until then, any European VAT registered customers should email me with their business details and VAT number, and their order. I’ll confirm eligibility with VIES and send an invoice, net of VAT.

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Late 50s Style Steel Telecaster Saddles

New in – late 50s style nickel plated steel Telecaster saddles.

These are based on the Fender Pure Vintage saddles. Months ago I placed an order for a batch of the Fender saddles, to be told a few weeks later that Fender Europe had removed them from the catalogue. I have no idea why, but as I have no access to Fender US to place an order I had my own made.

These are the same spec as the Fender model, with one small exception – the fillister head intonation screw is phillips, not slotted. A small nod to convenience while keeping a vintage look. Everything else is the same – 6-32 imperial screws, 1/4 inch diameter nickel plated steel barrels.

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Allparts Rosewood Necks Are Here.

ALLPARTSThe shipment has finally arrived. Not everything I ordered arrived, and my original order was cut down, so numbers are very limited. Everyone who signed up for notifications was sent an email this afternoon, so order as soon as you can to avoid disappointment!

Click here to get started!

Going forward Allparts are hoping to have rosewood shipments come in every 6-8 weeks. That of course depends on the US stock and any delays with the paperwork.
I am taking pre-orders for the next rosewood delivery, expected to arrive before Christmas.
Please get in touch to reserve a standard stock neck or to special order something that I don’t normally carry, like a baritone or bass neck, or any rosewood board neck Allparts sell. See the full range here.

I will be placing the order with Allparts on Monday. Once the order is placed, it cannot be modified so please contact me as soon as possible for price quotes and to place an order.


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Hosco and Gotoh Special Orders

Not to be caught out by any delays I have placed my order with Japan for my Christmas stock, which should be here mid November.

However if anyone has a special order they would like to add, get in touch as I can add to the order for the next couple of days.
Get in touch for a quote.

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Allparts Update – Houston Floods – Update September 4th


For those of you who are unaware, Allparts is based in Houston, just north-west of the centre. Houston has been experiencing some horrendous weather the last few days due to Hurricane Harvey, and until last night the Allparts US site had a banner explaining that due to the floods the office and warehouse were closed, and were hopefully going to open later in the week.

At the moment no-one knows the exact situation. Obviously nothing is shipping, but we don’t know if the warehouse itself was flooded. From what I understand some staff were displaced/flooded out of their homes, so they understandably have more pressing concerns.

Until we know more, expect Allparts supplied parts to be in limited supply, and I will post updates when I know more.

September 4th: – Allparts have put up a blog post regarding shipping delays.


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Bank Holiday Posting

The usual drill folks – all non-courier orders received after 2pm Friday 25th will dispatch on Tuesday 29th so they don’t sit in/get kicked around a sorting office over the weekend.

Courier orders (necks/bodies) received after 6pm Thursday 24th will also dispatch Tuesday 29th. The above is except Parcelforce – Parcelforce orders received up to 1pm Friday 25th will be dispatched same day, everything after will dispatch Tuesday.

As usual I’ll be answering emails over the long weekend (although replies may take a bit longer than usual).

Keep your brollies close…

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Current Stock Of Bodies – Links

Here are links to pictures of all the bodies currently in stock. You will find the body #, weight and number of pieces on the picture of the front of the body or in the album name.

If one strikes your fancy just order directly from the site and add a note of the body # to your order. As a body sells the links will be removed, so (with luck!) the list below will always be up to date.


Hosco Alder (HBD-11) 01

Hosco Hardtail Alder (HBD-16) 02 03 05 06 07


Hosco 62 Style Unfinished Alder (TVD-08TC-SD) 01 02 03 04 06 07 08 09 10

Hosco Three Piece Unfinished Alder (HBD-21)    310

Hosco One Piece Unfinished Mahogany (HBD-211M) 01 02SOLD 03 05

Hosco Double Bound Alder (BD-08TC-BD) – 03 06  10 11 13 15 16

Hosco Double Bound Mahogany (BD-02TC-BD) -   09

Allparts Thinline Telecaster (TBAO-TL) – Available to order

Axecaster Bare Bones Esquire (AX-BB-A) – OUT OF STOCK

Axecaster Bare Bones 90 (AX-BB90) – OUT OF STOCK

Axecaster Vintage Spec Telecaster (VNT52-A) – OUT OF STOCK

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New Products, Updates, Catch-Up

There has not been much to post about lately…

Still no ETA on Allparts rosewood necks. Allparts US received a shipment about 3 weeks ago but as I write this as far as I know Allparts UK have not been given the export paperwork to be able to apply for import paperwork.

I am still waiting for my new supplier to finish manufacturing some parts. A couple of new parts and 1/4″ conversion bushes that I’ve been waiting on for 6 months now.

I have something pretty cool which has just been set in motion this week. Hopefully I’ll start to have some updates and pictures of that very soon.

As to actual product news, I have added our Kluson style split post tuners and electrosockets to the aged hardware range. I have a couple of sets of tuners ready to go, then they will be aged to order. The electrosockets should always be in stock, ready to ship.

I’ll be doing a batch of aged hardware this weekend, so neckplates and control plates will be ready to ship Monday.
Have a good weekend.

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Hosco Telecaster Bodies – £85

I have a batch of 3 piece unfinished alder Telecaster bodies from Hosco. Priced at £85 rather than the usual £99 as I consider them “paint grade” bodies. The grain isn’t  the most well matched and some of the joins on the edges are in my opinion too noticeable for natural/translucent finishes.

There may be a little more prep required than the 2 piece bodies – some final sanding – but nothing major.

As always links to pictures of each body with the weight can be found on this page. Check out the pictures and add a message with the number of the body you want when placing an order.


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