Gotoh Machine Heads Back in Stock – The Right Ones!

Right handed versions of the Gotoh Kluson style tuners (SD91, Relic SD91 and Locking SD91) are now back in stock.

I expect to send back the remainder of the left-handed tuners this week, so if any lefties are thinking about picking up a set you need to be quick!

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Christmas Last Posting Dates

Opening Times and Order Shipping Over Christmas

Royal Mail are suggesting Thursday 21st December as the final posting day for domestic mail for Christmas delivery (although not guaranteed).

I will post non-courier orders received up til noon on Thursday 21st the same day. All orders received after noon 21st and until Tuesday 26th will be dispatched Wednesday 27th.

Orders received between noon Friday 29th and Monday 1st January will dispatch Tuesday 2nd January.

Full details of cut-off times below.

As always I will answer emails over the Christmas period, although I will be taking Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day off completely. The rest of the time I will be checking and responding to emails pretty much as usual.

The phone will however be answered by the machine!

Shipping Cut-Off Dates

Please remember that no service is 100% guaranteed so order as early as possible to avoid delays or disappointment.

Non-courier orders.

You can find the Royal Mail’s full list here

UK Inland Services
Wednesday 20th December 2nd Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
Thursday 21st December 1st Class and Royal Mail Signed For®

International Standard (formerly Airmail) and all
International Tracking and Signature Services
(formerly Airsure® and International Signed For®)

Saturday 2 December Africa, Middle East
Wednesday 6 December Cyprus, Malta, Asia, Far East, Eastern Europe
(except Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)
Thursday 7 December Caribbean, Central & South America
Saturday 9 December Greece, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand
Wednesday 13 December Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Thursday 14 December Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
Friday 15 December Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands,
Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain,
Saturday 16 December Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg

Courier Services (please remember your telephone number is required for all body and neck orders!)


Orders must be received by 6pm Tuesday 19th December



For delivery by 22nd December

express24 Send by Thursday 21st December (orders received by 6pm Wednesday 20th)
express48,  Send by Wednesday 20th December (orders received by 6pm Tuesday 19th)

International Courier Orders

Wednesday 13th December



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Possible Courier Delays Over “Black Friday” Sales Period

It seems to happen every year – the courier firms do not add staff over this time and inevitably delays occur.

Yesterday a shipment I was expecting delivered by UPS was delivered at 8pm and UPS did not collect anything from my local Access Point.

On the first point – kudos to the driver for making the delivery instead of returning to the depot at the end of his scheduled shift (I believe UPS delivers to residential addresses up to 7pm)

On the second point, all the customers who dropped parcels at that shop over the weekend will experience at least one day delay in their shipments arriving at their destination. This morning the shop looked like a warehouse! (I suspect a great many local customers who booked collection will also have been let down)

Hopefully yesterday was an anomaly and UPS will be back up to speed.

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Left Handed Gotoh Tuners In Stock

Due to a monumental cock-up by my supplier I have left handed versions of Gotoh Kluson style vintage tuners in stock. Aged, non-aged and magnum lock. My supplier is exchanging them for right handed versions (it was a large order) but until that is sorted out they are for sale.

(Yes, I mirrored the right handed pictures!)

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Hosco 60s Style Telecaster Bodies

Newly arrived on the shipment last week are a batch of the new 60s style unfinished Telecaster bodies from Hosco. Hosco call it a “62″ body and it differs from their standard model in a number of ways.

Vintage appointments include cutout for truss rod adjustment between the neck pickup and heel, open wiring channel from neck pickup to control rout and router hump on the treble side of the neck pocket. Marker holes for the bridge are also new. Interestingly Hosco’s push-fit jack cup is not compatible (not a tight fit), and would need a standard Tele cup claw to hold it in place by the jack.

I will probably be sending some of these out for finishing, but until then all are available for sale with links to pictures of each body and weights on this page.

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Allparts Rosewood Order Has Arrived

ALLPARTSFor those of you who do not follow our Facebook page (and you should), the rosewood neck order arrived this morning.

Emails have been sent to all pre-order customers and those who signed up for updates and a few sales have already been made. I’m finding having to order 2 months in advance a bit hit and miss as to what I should order, so not absolutely everything is back in stock, but the popular lines are here.

Click here for all rosewood necks.

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Allparts Rosewood Order Incoming

ALLPARTSThe new Allparts rosewood neck order is due to arrive this week. I have quite a lot coming, but until it actually arrives in the UK final numbers are not known. If you are after a particular neck, best get in touch now to reserve it. Please put the neck model as the email subject.

I am unsure if another shipment will arrive before Christmas – to be honest with the lead times required just for the paperwork I doubt it.

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First Batch of Relic Bodies Has Arrived!

I am pleased to announce that I have a selection of Hosco bodies finished and aged by SC Relics ready for sale.

A bit of a bias towards Telecasters, I must admit (although one sunburst Strat body sold before it even got to me!) I have 5 Tele and 2 Strat bodies.

Full fat nitro with checking and chipping and all that good stuff. Be sure to check out the detail shots.

Sea Foam Green Telecaster

Shoreline Gold Telecaster

Butterscotch Telecaster (I’m a big fan of this hue butterscotch!)

Aged Olympic White Telecaster

Satin 3 Tone Sunburst Telecaster

Aged Olympic White Stratocaster

Aged Shell Pink Stratocaster

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Tax Free Sales For European VAT Registered Businesses

As you may know,  sales of physical items from one EU state to another between VAT registered businesses is tax free. In order for this be be accomplished the purchaser provides the seller with their VAT number, which the seller checks with VIES. Once confirmed, the purchaser can order and pay net of VAT.  (It is the purchaser’s responsibility to declare the purchase and pay the VAT within their country.)

I am in the process of having a developer look at adding this functionality to the site to automate the process. However until then, any European VAT registered customers should email me with their business details and VAT number, and their order. I’ll confirm eligibility with VIES and send an invoice, net of VAT.

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Late 50s Style Steel Telecaster Saddles

New in – late 50s style nickel plated steel Telecaster saddles.

These are based on the Fender Pure Vintage saddles. Months ago I placed an order for a batch of the Fender saddles, to be told a few weeks later that Fender Europe had removed them from the catalogue. I have no idea why, but as I have no access to Fender US to place an order I had my own made.

These are the same spec as the Fender model, with one small exception – the fillister head intonation screw is phillips, not slotted. A small nod to convenience while keeping a vintage look. Everything else is the same – 6-32 imperial screws, 1/4 inch diameter nickel plated steel barrels.

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